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Our expertise is certified

Our ability to design and manage complex projects is the result of partnerships with the best players in the industry. The certifications we have acquired over time are the result of a constant commitment and an investment of resources aimed at achieving excellence in our field.


Kramer is a world leader in providing innovative technology in control and automation systems.
With Kramer’s certification we are able to provide our customers with complete meeting space solutions that are performant, easy to use, scalable and manageable with a single product representing the ideal answer for meeting rooms and meeting spaces.


Installing and programming Panasonic-certified projections is a synonym for reliability in all environments where high-performance systems need to be integrated.
We have chosen Panasonic to certify the quality of our projection solutions of any format.


Samsung is a world leader in consumer electronics, home electronic equipment and mobile communications as well as a leader in the world of professional displays.
Thanks to Samsung’s certification, acquired through years of high-level projects and collaborations, we are able to guarantee our customers the best standards on the market in all-around digital technology.


Displax is a world leader in capacitive multi touch technology.
For more than 12 years, Corepixx has had an active partnership with the company and is certified to design and install Displax’s interactive technologies, guaranteeing its clients a complete, high-performance offering customized to specific project needs and requirements.
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