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Corepixx connected Room

A collaborative space to add value to your team meetings

Corepixx Connected Room

Stimulate your team’s creativity and collaboration and enhance your brand identity. The Corepixx Connected Room enables you to connect your talent, contacts and customers in a way that is tailored to your needs.


A bespoke meeting room that creates an environment perfectly suited to your corporate culture and the specific needs of the people within it, enhancing the effectiveness of meetings and the quality of interaction between participants.

  • Small: 4 people
  • Medium: 8 people
  • Large: 12 people
  • Conferences: 12+ people

Integrated technologies

Display systems, Audio and Video integrations, Microphone and Audio systems, Centralised Management, Scheduling panel: We integrate technologies to facilitate collaboration and communication, whether face-to-face or remotely. The Corepixx Connected Rooms are designed to support the needs of a dynamic and connected work environment, where technology plays a central role in improving the efficiency and productivity of meetings.

Set-up & Support

Whether for large areas or scalable projects, Corepixx creates your hypervisual designed space where you can shape and give value to your ideas. We support you in the conception, provision and installation of the Corepixx Connected Room with a team of over 100 people available throughout Italy.

Customers who have already chosen Corepixx solutions for their boardrooms

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