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Children's Corner Devices

Interactive tables and monitors for children, where learning turns into a fun adventure.

All in one
Quick and easy installation
Customizable in various sizes and colors
Windows 10
Game software


PixxBaby devices are designed for children and young people, introducing a new way to entertain them with an innovative multitouch monitor that allows for simple and intuitive hands-on play, stimulating their imagination. The devices are resilient and secure, providing young users with a new experience through specially designed interactive games that educate and entertain, fostering exploration, memory, and thinking skills.
The content is customizable by the customer, further enhancing customer loyalty today and especially in the future.
Customizable colors and finishes allow for the creation of a technological furnishing element that seamlessly integrates into spaces dedicated to children’s entertainment.

Technical Features

  • OPERATING SYSTEM windows 10
  • PROCESSOR intel i3
  • LAN Wired + Wireless
  • TOUCH 10 touches
  • POWER 210/230 Volt 50/60 Hz


PixxBaby devices are interactive tables and monitors for children’s areas that offer a unique experience beyond traditional entertainment. These tables have the ability to stimulate imagination and engage children in an innovative way. The interactive devices for children have an appealing design and interactive functionalities that provide a fun and engaging environment, prolonging their stay in the store. Children can take quizzes, play games, read books, watch videos, allowing their creativity and curiosity to flourish.

  • Prolongs customer’s stay in the store
  • Stimulates children’s attention and creativity
  • Makes children’s learning more engaging
  • Improves brand perception
  • Entertains children with quizzes and games
  • Enhances product promotion
  • Browse and view books and videos


Regardless of the context, interactive tables and monitors for children offer a quality experience for the whole family. In fact, with the installation of these interactive devices, stores engage children with quizzes and games, making shopping more enjoyable and prolonging customers’ stay in-store. In museums, interactive tables stimulate young minds and allow children to explore exhibitions and artworks in a fun way. In schools, they promote active learning and creativity, providing students with a fun way to acquire knowledge.

  • Retail
  • Museums
  • Schools
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