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Holographic Showcase

Enchanting 3D Visual Experiences: Discover the Holographic Showcase

Quick and easy installation


Holographic Display

PixxHoloTM is a holographic display solution that combines a physical product with overlaid digital layers, creating hologram-like effects. The visual effect captures the audience’s attention and allows you to communicate your message in a visually captivating way.

Technical Features

  • Possibility of interactivity
  • Light control
  • Integrated audio
  • High-end glass optics for even sharper image quality
  • Integrated CMS
  • Key-protected access


The holographic showcase opens the doors to a new way of communicating with customers. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, it enables effective and integrated communication, capturing attention, and enhancing the user’s in-store experience. The combination of design and technology becomes an ideal tool for launching new products with targeted marketing campaigns. The showcase, through its holographic display, improves the customer experience and contributes to enhancing the brand perception, offering a unique and exciting experience for customers.

  • Enables effective and integrated communication with customers
  • Enhances the in-store experience
  • Captures attention through the combination of design and technology for launching new products with targeted marketing campaigns
  • Improves the customer experience
  • Enhances brand perception


The holographic showcase provides a unique and stimulating visual experience for users in any context. During trade shows and events, it captures the audience’s attention with breathtaking visual effects, creating an engaging and memorable atmosphere. In retail stores, it attracts customers and promotes products with creative advertising campaigns through holographic projections. In museums, it offers an interactive and engaging exhibition mode for artworks and cultural content.

  • Trade fairs
  • Events
  • Retail
  • Museums
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