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Outdoor Monitor

A breath of fresh air for your outdoor communications

All in one
LAN and Wireless connectivity
Available in various sizes
Touch or non-touch
Touch Windows 10/11

Outdoor Monitor

Digital signage displays designed for outdoor use are IP56 certified to withstand dust, water, rain, snow, sleet, and high temperatures, shining brightly regardless of lighting conditions.

With anti-glare and high brightness features, they ensure professional image quality 24/7 and provide impactful message display and scheduling systems to meet any commercial or non-commercial function and requirement.

The content management system also allows for real-time implementation and updates, enabling simple, effective, and integrated communication.

Technical Features

  • IP56 protected system
  • Sizes up to 85″
  • Operating temperature from -30 °C to +50 °C
  • Power 210/230 Volt 50/60 Hz
  • High brightness minimum 2500 nits


Outdoor monitors are designed to breathe new life into outdoor communication. Their anti-glare features and high brightness ensure optimal image quality to entertain customers and capture their attention. In addition to providing real-time updated information, they allow for the creation of customized schedules to meet any requirement. They effectively promote products and provide useful information, offering an innovative and memorable experience while improving customer experience and brand perception.

  • Convey real-time updated information
  • Entertain customers with customized schedules
  • Improve customer experience and brand perception
  • Improve product promotion through an innovative medium
  • Provides general utility information


Outdoor monitors are an essential tool for displaying impactful and engaging messages. At trade shows and events, they create an eye-catching space to persuasively promote products and services, capturing participants’ attention with customized schedules and real-time information. In retail stores, they enhance product display and improve the customer’s shopping experience from the outside. During museum visits, they transmit informative and interactive content, enriching cultural experiences.

  • Trade fairs
  • Events
  • Retail
  • Museums
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